In a Glaswegian Salon
exhibition text by Anne-Marie Copestake, 2004

In a Glaswegian salon the head stylist held a wigged dummie head in front of his customer and snipped her own matching hair into shape. Human head and dummie head had exactly the same cut now.

“There is something in the clear smooth surface of mirror and chromium which makes them a perfect background for those careful and scientific processes that lie at the root of modern beauty,” his customer read aloud to him. Looking at her in the mirror he nodded and sighed and teased the hair, peering closely at his work.

And as he teased he daydreamed of a world more beautiful and more macabre.

Follow the scientist not the science.

Follow the lips not the kiss.

Follow the lover not the love.

A flicker of colour appeared. He looked up and blinked against the piercing light to make out advancing figures. Five girls in a chorus line practiced kick step in hooded jewelled jumpsuits. As perfect as yellow stitching down dark blue jeans. Fit, dash and line. Amberina wore her coin dress and shook her wavy hair. The grace at which she moved remained a vivid memory. He looked into the mirror and saw handsome beauty go by. She glided through the place fixed on her destination, her canvas slippers squeaking on the polished floor.

There was a picture of the Baronness as she posed in profile wearing a neat black helmet, black and white zebra body patterned costume, one arm flung back for emphasis. She stood for the future, for passion, for dancing, for her cult, for pleasure.

Follow the science not the scientist.

Follow the kiss not the lips.

Follow the love not the lover.

Into the dream a guy appeared, blond hair, dressed in pale blue denim. He smiled and introduced himself. “Come on” he said, “Come on, lets go watch Dan Graham videos in the Neue Gesellschaft fur Bildende Kunst library.”


written for Sophie Macpherson, Solo exhibition at Glasgow Sculpture Studios, 2004