Extended til saturday october 29, finissage 4pm – 8pm


The exhibition ‘red gym’ brings together artists from Berlin and Glasgow and features work from the Haubrok Collection. The exhibited work, including painting, photography, video, sculpture, collage, and poetic writing, responds to the theme of ‘resistance’. The exhibition utilises the historically resonant space of FAHRBEREITSCHAFT as a setting within which to explore the political, material, and conceptual implications of that term. From abstract works responding to the physical resistance of materials, to self-defence dummies (made to build resilience in marginalised communities) to objects and images inspired by the ‘Wild Boys’ subcultures of Weimar-era Berlin, the work shown in the exhibition will explore different methods for creating an alternative reality. The work will imagine how making art can become a form of self- protective gesture, generating agency and solidarity in response to the shock incurred by the very real violence of oppressive ideology. In these bodies of work, resistance implies a particular way of engaging with materials, but also embodies a resistance to interpretation, through abstraction, posing enigmatic responses to political subject-matter.

Curated and organised by Laurence Figgis, Steven Grainger, Sophie Macpherson and Clare Stephenson.