Jazmina and her friend window shopping/ notes on window shopping in A Plume Volume Two

edited by Jessica Higgins, Giuseppe Mistretta and Edwin Stevens. And featuring contributions of new, recent past, and posthumous re-published writings by Nuar Alsadir, Karen Brodine, Hannah Ellul & Ben Knight, Colin Herd, Bhanu Kapil, Anna Kavan, Ghislaine Leung, Sophie Macpherson, Lila Matsumoto and Mira Mattar.

Launching on Friday 18 January, 2019, 7pm at 1/1 624 Cathcart Road in Glasgow.

Jazmina and her friend window shopping/ notes on window shopping, 2017

For Choreography, at Arcade Gallery, London, 2017

German Vases, an emotional response by The Coelacanth Press with Phoebe Blatton and Annika Hüttmann, including a text and coloured pencil drawings, July 2017

with Nadia Hebson for Hotel Ufer, 2015/16

Berlin texts, 2013/14

Studio 58, Woman Artists in Glasgow since WW2 catalogue text by Sophie Macpherson, 2012

On the first day, walking along a grey corridor and hearing the excited chatting of lots of people in a small room, I wore a stripy woollen jumper, mustard coloured baggy Indian trousers, and my hair in a pleat down my back. I saw across the room, my still dear friend, in red denim dungarees and a navy blue polo neck, throwing back her head in laughter. I sat near R who told me he was a goth.

Six years later, I walked up the wooden hill M had helped me construct for an inaugural exhibition. In plastic birkenstock clogs, pink velvet tight capri trousers, a brown thin chord new-Biba-label puff-shouldered jacket and newly cropped hair, S looked at me and smiled.

Around Garnethill K wore a black PVC raincoat with knee high boots to match. For her birthday last year in Spain, I bought her leopard-skin patterned mules.

Clothes and Emotions, 2010