Brain Mail: Glasgow, California

As part of ‘Generation: 25 years of contemporary art in Scotland’, Tramway presents a series of curated screenings of artists’ film and video from Scotland by; Steven Cairns (Associate Curator of Artists’ Film and Moving Image, ICA London), George Clarke (Assistant Curator of Film, Tate Modern, London), Karen Cunningham (Glasgow-based artist and curator), and Isla Leaver-Yap with Anne-Marie Copestake’s Trigger Tonic.

Every Sat 12 – 5pm & Sun 12 noon – 6pm

28 June – 26 October 2014

Tramway 4 Admission free

Brain Mail: Glasgow, California Curated by George Clarke

Featuring work by Dave Allen, Ross Sinclair, Stephen Sutcliffe, Rosalind Nashashibi and Sophie Macpherson.

Mapping the intersection between the cities of Glasgow and Los Angeles, this programme is devised by George Clarke, Assistant Curator of Film at Tate Modern, London. It explores how artists engage with international networks and the changing ways that images and ideas have circulated over the last twenty-five years. Taking its name from a mid-1990s group show by students of the Glasgow School of Art that took place at the California Institute of the Arts (CalArts), Brain Mail recalls the influential student exchange programme between these two colleges and marks the shift from the analogue traditions of mail art into the rapid digital exchange that defines our data-saturated present.