The exhibition ‘red gym’ brings together artists from Berlin and Glasgow and features work from the Haubrok Collection. The exhibited work, including painting, photography, video, sculpture, collage, and poetic writing, responds to the theme of ‘resistance’. The exhibition utilises the historically resonant space of FAHRBEREITSCHAFT as a setting within which to explore the political, material, and conceptual implications of that term. From abstract works responding to the physical resistance of materials, to self-defence dummies (made to build resilience in marginalised communities) to objects and images inspired by the ‘Wild Boys’ subcultures of Weimar-era Berlin, the work shown in the exhibition will explore different methods for creating an alternative reality. The work will imagine how making art can become a form of self- protective gesture, generating agency and solidarity in response to the shock incurred by the very real violence of oppressive ideology. In these bodies of work, resistance implies a particular way of engaging with materials, but also embodies a resistance to interpretation, through abstraction, posing enigmatic responses to political subject-matter.

Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa

Bildende Kunst – Recherchestipendium 2021

Jazmina and her friend window shopping/ notes on window shopping in A Plume Volume Two

edited by Jessica Higgins, Giuseppe Mistretta and Edwin Stevens. And featuring contributions of new, recent past, and posthumous re-published writings by Nuar Alsadir, Karen Brodine, Hannah Ellul & Ben Knight, Colin Herd, Bhanu Kapil, Anna Kavan, Ghislaine Leung, Sophie Macpherson, Lila Matsumoto and Mira Mattar.

Launching on Friday 18 January, 2019, 7pm at 1/1 624 Cathcart Road in Glasgow.

The Influencing Machine – The Reader

The Reader addresses the exhibition’s various questions, extending its focus to historical continuities and social contexts, with contributions by Geoffrey C. Bowker and Susan Leigh Star, Simone Brown, Wendy Hui Kyong Chun, Kashmir Hill, Lilly Irani, Lee Mackinnon, Tahani Nadim, Lucy Suchman, Cher Tan, and Neli Wagner.

available to buy here

The Influencing Machine, Saturday 1 December 2018 — Sunday 20 January 2019

ngbk, oranienstrasse 25, 10999 berlin

Bots (from robot and Czech robota, socage, forced labour) are inconspicuous computer programs that perform tasks automatically.

Artists: Anna Bromley, Kajsa Dahlberg, Egemen Demerici, Fabien Giroud and Raphael Siboni, Fokus Grupa, Eva and Franco Mattes, Mimi Onuoha and Mother Cyborg, Sascha Pohflepp and Chris Woebken, Tactical Tech, Jane Topping, Sarah Tripp, Clement Valla and Laura Yuille.

Curated and organised by Vladimir Cajkovac, Kristina Kramer, Bettina Lehmann, Sophie Macpherson, Tahani Nadim and Neil Wagner.

Call to Organise! Colossal!

with Anne-Marie Copestake

Travelling Gallery at 40, City Art Centre, Edinburgh.

27th July – 4th November 2018.

Part of Edinburgh Art Festival.

Dance And Sing, Gallery Celine, Glasgow, Saturday 31st March 2018, an afternoon of performance and readings

To accompany the exhibition I See You Man, on Saturday 31st March 2018 Gallery Celine will host an afternoon of performance and readings with contributions from Rose O’Gallivan, Leigh Ferguson, Khaela Maricich and Melissa Dyne, Nadia Hebson and Sophie Macpherson. An informal reading group will also take place and we invite you to come and discuss the texts and related material that accompany the exhibition.
2.30pm Khaela Maricich and Melissa Dyne, NYC,
3.00pm Nadia Hebson and Sophie Macpherson,,
3.30pm Break
4pm Reading group, all welcome
5.30pm Break
6pm Rose O’Gallivan, London,
6.30pm Leigh Ferguson and Sophie Macpherson

The below books and texts have been available in the Library throughout the duration of the exhibition.
Ingeborg Bachman, Three Paths to the Lake, Lucia Berlin, Manual for Cleaning Women, Kate Briggs, This Little Art, Daniela Cascella, Singed, Elfriede Jellinek, Jackie, Carla Lonzi, Autoritratto, Dorothy Richardson, Painted Roofs, Natasha Soobramanien Five Notes on Smarginature , Christa Wolf, The Quest for Christa T

I See You Man, Gallery Celine, Glasgow, opening 24th February, 7 til 9pm, 25th February til 31st March 2018

Celine is happy to present an exhibition organised by Nadia Hebson and Sophie Macpherson.

In summer of 2016 Sophie Macpherson and I (Nadia Hebson) worked on a text which explored our shared interests in apparel, physicality, female subjectivity and friendship. Drawing on skype and email conversations the text took an epistolary form and ranged through personal perspectives on women artists’ practices and international events such as the ‘migrant crisis’ and the EU Referendum, alongside descriptions of sports clothing and club wear, and reflections on Dominique Strauss-Kahn and the paintings of Christina Ramberg. An unguarded but none the less edited script, the text became a short hand for the creative space of female friendship.

Writing about Elena Ferrante’s Neapolitan novels which detail the lifetime relationship of two women from an impoverished Neapolitan neighbourhood the writer Natasha Soobramanien likens the women’s friendship to an act of translation. Soobramanien writes ‘Lila and Lenù are translated beings, translating one another, shifting continually between the Neapolitan dialect of their childhood and the standard form of Italian both have a talent for expressing themselves in. And it is in this more rarefied linguistic sphere that Lenù finds success, and her professional voice as a writer (a voice modelled on Lila’s writerly voice)’. Lila and Lenu steel themselves through the confines of 60’s, 70s’ and 80’s femininity through the persistence of their complex friendship, which Ferrante so carefully atomises. They see one another and at times offer each a template for being, Ferrante’s writing of their friendship is closely analogous to the experience of creative friendship. And to understand female friendship as a form of translation is to recalibrate its constituents, becoming a space of attention, mirroring, testing, exchange, admiration and productive envy, a space of agency.

In taking the complexities of female friendship and the communicative possibilities of dress as a starting point we have invited artists and writers who are friends and potential friends to contribute work to I See You Man. These artists and writers work explore ideas of mentorship, resonance as described by Italian Feminist Carla Lonzi, feminist activism, translation, biography, fictional autobiography and the agency of dress.

Exhibiting artists: Phoebe Blatton and Annika Hüttmann, August Fröhls, Nadia Hebson, Stanya Kahn and Harry Dodge, Ellen Lesperance, Sophie Macpherson, Julia Schmidt, Clemence Seilles, Clare Stephenson

The title of the show ‘I See You Man’ is taken from the work by Stanya Kahn and Harry Dodge.

Exhibition will be open by appointment only:

On Saturday 31st March Celine will host an afternoon of performance, readings, talks and a reading group where the following texts and related material will be discussed. The below books and texts will be available throughout the duration of the exhibition.

Ingeborg Bachman, Three Paths to the Lake, Lucia Berlin, Manual for Cleaning Women, Kate Briggs, This Little Art, Daniela Cascella, Singed, Elfriede Jellinek, Jackie, Carla Lonzi, Autoritratto, Dorothy Richardson, Painted Roofs, Natasha Soobramanien Five Notes on Smarginature and Christa Wolf, The Quest for Christa T.

images of the exhibition here

Curtain, DROP CITY, DÜSSELDORF at Lierenfelder Str. 39 WORKS IN-SITU, from August 31, 2017

German Vases, an emotional response by The Coelacanth Press with Phoebe Blatton and Annika Hüttmann, including a text and coloured pencil drawings, July 2017